Sammy J. Peppers – Canadian Burger

CIMG0303CIMG0299 I was in the neighbourhood today, so I tried out Sammy J. Peppers. Their Canadian Burger has a roughly 6 oz ground beef patty and comes with aged cheddar, pepper bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onion & mayo. On my burger there were way too many onions and not too much in the tomato department. When I opened the take-out container, the burger looked and smelled great, but I must say I wasn't very impressed with the taste all that much. Seems like the burger needs some serious seasoning or even at this price go with prime a rib patty. For the price, I was disappointed and would not recommend this burger. One thing that I was impressed with was that availability of fresh avocado and for a reasonable charge of $0.50. NOTE: SAMMY J PEPPERS HAS RECENTLY REDONE THEIR MENU AND CHANGED THEIR BURGER. I WILL HAVE TO GO BACK SOON !
  • Price: $13.50
  • Rating in Category: 6/10
  • Overall Rating: 6/10
  • Time from order to table: 15 mins
  • Address: Various locations

Harvey’s – Bacon Cheddar Great Canadian Burger

Harvey'sHarvey's in Home Depot Today I had Harvey's 'Bacon Cheddar Great Canadian Burger'. This is considered their Premium Burger. As with all of Harvey's burgers, this is a charbroiled, cooked-to-order burger and there is a choice of nine toppings. I had mine with lettuce, tomato, pickle, banana peppers and their mesquite hot barbeque sauce - which isn't too hot by the way. It was tasty, but in this category (under $7.99), McDonald's Angus burger wins hands down. Update: McDonald's new 'Third Pounder' is not as good as the Great Canadian !
  • Price: $6.79
  • Rating in Category: 8/10
  • Overall Rating: 5.5/10
  • Time from order to table: 5 mins
  • Address: They have locations all over the place - mostly in malls and Home Depots

McDonald’s – Angus Burger

McDonald's Angus BurgerMcDonald's McDonald's came out with their Angus burger in May 2008 (apparently after years of development !). The 1/3 pound, 100% Angus beef patty - lightly seasoned with salt and pepper - is one of many elements which give this new burger a homemade look and taste. With fresh ingredients including ripe tomato slices, crisp whole leaf lettuce, rings of red onions, sliced pickles, savoury garlic mayonnaise and tangy mustard on a toasted bakery-style bun exclusive to McDonald's. Bacon & Natural Cheddar Cheese is optional for an extra charge of about $1.00 (the price below is for the bacon, cheddar Angus burger). In its price range, this burger ranks at the top, but overall, not so much. I've had this burger in the past and the patty was quite dry, but this time, it was juicy and flavourful. If you're in a rush and you want a good, decent, cheap burger, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this one. NOTE : This burger no longer exists. McDonald's new Third Pounder is reviewed here...
  • Price: $6.38
  • Rating in Category: 9/10
  • Overall Rating: 6.5/10
  • Time from order to table: 5 mins
  • Address: They're everywhere

Fish House – Prime Rib Burger

Prime Rib Burger with thick cut Irish bacon and avocadosThe Fish House - 1930 Okay. I have found the best burger in Vancouver to date. Funny that its in a place that specializes in seafood, but they had it ! It was a beautiful 8 oz prime rib burger, served with great presentation. They even had fresh avocado, which I always ask for, but rarely get (and the didn't charge extra). Yes, its also the most expensive burger I've had, but in this case, you really do get what you pay for. The service here is always great as well. I will go back every year for sure !! UPDATE: THE FISH HOUSE HAS CHANGED THEIR BURGER TO A REGULAR NON PRIME RIB BURGER; I WENT THERE LAST SUMMER AS I ALWAYS DID AND I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED - THE BURGER WAS TERRIBLE. I SENT THEM AN EMAIL TO TELL THEM OF THEIR BIG MISTAKE CHANGING THE BURGER - I GOT NO REPLY - BIG SURPRISE. I GUESS I'LL CROSS THIS PLACE OFF MY LIST - THERE'S MANY BETTER BURGERS OUT THERE ! THEIR NEW BURGER IS SHOWN BELOW... THE PRESENTATION IS EVEN WORSE THAN BEFORE ! Fish house Burger Fish House in Stanley Park on Urbanspoon

Duke’s Pub – Canadian Burger

CIMG1257CIMG1258 Well, I was out in Chilliwack today, so I decided to try out Duke's Pub, near the Chilliwack Golf Club. I had the Canadian Burger, which is a 6 oz lean beef burger with cheddar and bacon. The presentation was great and it tasted great too. The burger, being a lean cut, wasn't too juicy and flavourful, but the bacon and cheddar really helped this burger out. If I'm in the area, I would definitely go back here - Its a great tasting burger and I don't have a greasy feeling in my stomach ! Inside, the pub is dark (as many pubs are) and the country music was a blaring ! There's also a huge steer horn over the back of the bar. Generally, this is a great pub.
  • Price: $8.99
  • Rating in Category: 7.5/10
  • Overall Rating: 6/10
  • Time from order to table: 8 mins
  • Address: 41582 Yale Rd Chilliwack, BC

Pit Pub – UBC – Mexi-Burger

Pit Pub - UBCThe Pit Pub at UBC has themed burgers for each day of the week. Today, I had the Mexi-Burger. For the price ($4.95 inc tax), this was a great deal and not a bad burger. In fact, the price was the same 16 years ago when I attended UBC !! Definitely worth the price and I will definitely go back !
  • Price: $4.50
  • Rating in Category: 6/10
  • Overall Rating: 5/10
  • Address: Student Union Bldg, UBC

Burger Heaven – BBQ Cheddar and Bacon Burger

Small place - Big taste ! This cozy little burger shack, located near the foot of 10th Street in New Westminster, will satisfy your burger cravings! The interior features several hanging plants, loads of photos and commendations on the walls. I had the BBQ Cheddar and Bacon Burger (Its #1 on their top ten list).  This burger has 5 oz of meat and comes with wedge fries or a tossed salad. When biting into this beauty, you'll notice the steaming hot juices running out of the burger and into your mouth.
  • Price: $11.99
  • Rating in Category: 8.5/10
  • Overall Rating: 7.5/10
  • Time from order to table: 12 mins
  • Address: 77 10th Street, New Westminster
Burger Heaven on Urbanspoon

Burgers Etc. – Charbroiled Burger

Nice, cozy little restaurant; friendly staff; quick service. Can be full at lunch time - be prepared to take out. This is not fast food - they take their time and its worth the wait ! The bun was lightly toasted and the burger patty was great . Unfortunately, they didn't have avocados (which I always ask for, but rarely get!). Overall, I enjoyed this burger very much and would go back anytime. I can see how this burger was rated (by CTV viewers) best in Vancouver. The fact that this is a mid price range burger adds to the overall value.
  • Price: $11.00 (I had mine with bacon and cheese)
  • Rating in Category: 9/10
  • Overall Rating: 8/10
  • Address: 4091 Hastings St, Burnaby
  • From the online menu:
Charbroiled 6 oz Ground Chuck Steak, secret spices, mayo, ketchup, lettuce, tomatoes, red onion and topped with a dill pickle, served medium well. Comes with one side order. Extra toppings include an extra patty, bacon, cheese, sautéed mushrooms, sautéed onions, pineapple ring, fried egg, jalapeño peppers, banana peppers and sauerkraut Burgers Etc. BBQ House on Urbanspoon

Vancouver Aquarium – Bacon Cheese Burger

LunchFlying high I usually don't go out of my way to get a burger at a place like this, but I was there, so... I did. The Bacon Cheese Burger Platter cost $10.95 and was very bland. But what choice does one have when at the Aquarium ? It wasn't 'spit out' bad - I mean, when you compare it to Vancouver's best burgers, it doesn't come anywhere near the top. But, hey - if you're at the aquarium, go ahead - have the burger !
  • Price: $10.95
  • Rating in Category: 5/10
  • Overall Rating: 3/10
  • Address: Stanley Park, Vancouver

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