Sammy J. Peppers – Canadian Burger


I was in the neighbourhood today, so I tried out Sammy J. Peppers. Their Canadian Burger has a roughly 6 oz ground beef patty and comes with aged cheddar, pepper bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onion & mayo. On my burger there were way too many onions and not too much in the tomato department. When I opened the take-out container, the burger looked and smelled great, but I must say I wasn’t very impressed with the taste all that much. Seems like the burger needs some serious seasoning or even at this price go with prime a rib patty. For the price, I was disappointed and would not recommend this burger. One thing that I was impressed with was that availability of fresh avocado and for a reasonable charge of $0.50. NOTE: SAMMY J PEPPERS HAS RECENTLY REDONE THEIR MENU AND CHANGED THEIR BURGER. I WILL HAVE TO GO BACK SOON !

  • Price: $13.50
  • Rating in Category: 6/10
  • Overall Rating: 6/10
  • Time from order to table: 15 mins
  • Address: Various locations

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