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Well, I haven’t had a burger in a while and its been 8 hours since my last meal. I had some time to kill and I was hungry, so I decided to try Milestones. I had the Milestone’s Beef Burger with the ‘American’ inspired toppings – that is double smoked bacon and cheddar. The burger is described as coming with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle on a toasted sesame seed bun. I added their avocado salsa for an extra $1.99 – that was not worth it – I would rather have plain fresh avocado.

When I got the burger, it looked amazing – the beef was thick and juicy and the bacon was overflowing ! The taste was great and I actually thought to myself, where’s the bun? – this is not a bad thing. The burger filled me and satisfied me very much. Wouldn’t hesitate to go back. The only negative I would say is that I think they butter the buns prior to toasting – as many places do. I personally find this overdoes the grease factor – I mean, we already have the burger grease and the mayo – we don’t need anymore. But that was a minor issue – wouldn’t stop me from going back in a heartbeat – And of course – I could have asked for no butter on the bun, as I usually do ! – My fault there !

  • Price: $12.99
  • Rating in Category: 8/10
  • Overall Rating: 8/10
  • Time from order to table: 12 mins
  • Address: Locations all over


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