Below are my choices for the best burgers in no particular order… Also, I always have the bacon and cheese option – It makes the burger taste so much better ! Jimmys Taphouse - A big beautiful burger ! Relish Gourmet Burgers - Tasty, tasty, tasty ! Stackhouse Burger Bar - One of the best values for a prime rib burger in the city ! Vera’s Burger Shack - They also have a great chocolate shake ! Moderne Burger Burgers Etc. on Hastings in Burnaby Burger Heaven in New West Splitz on Main Street Milestones - more expensive, but a good burger Romer’s Burger Bar Cannibal Cafe - No humans on the menu ! Red Robin - Always a good solid burger Gillnetter Pub - A great Pub burger   Burger55 in Penticton Lulu's in Maui Five Palms in Maui
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