A & W – Grandma Burger

2011-06-11 21.03.44.jpg2011-06-11 21.03.04.jpg

A&W has come out with the new Prime Rib Burger. The standard prime rib burger comes with only caramelized onions. I added cheddar (extra $1), bacon (extra 70 cents), lettuce (extra 35 cents) and tomato (extra 35 cents) to mine. The burger was just okay, but nothing too special. I would prefer A&W’s uncle burger any day over this one. I feel that the burger needs some seasoning or a special sauce. They asked me if I wanted horseradish on the side (I said no). Overall, I wouldn’t waste my time on this burger. As I said, the uncle burger is much better; the teen burger is even better IMO.

  • Price: $6.39
  • Rating in Category: 6/10
  • Overall Rating: 5/10
  • Time from order to table: 5 mins
  • Address: Locations everywhere

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